Thinking about installing a sand spear, but you don't know were to start!

in your head you are asking yourself, what types are there? will my ground condition suit?  what is best for my budget and the most often question is

How do I install a sand spear?


I have the majority of answers covered for you.

All you have to do is download the free reports, I have made for you and it will answer all of the above questions plus more.


Just click on the button below, All the answers you need and it's free to you

PVC Slotted Screen

Great Value for money.


Use when you are only looking for a small amount of water and there are no fine sands in your bore.


Great value for your money


Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen

This is the 5 star Screen


stainless steel wedge wire precision made to keep the opening to 0.15mm keeping the fine sands out to achieve a greater flow output.


Plus being metal , a much more robust product compared to a Pvc screens


They are more expensive.


PVC Wedge Wire

This has to be our most popular sand spear, great for fine sands, quantity of water similar to a household tap.


Compared to a stainless steel screen this is value for money.


In the reports you will see the benefits of which way to install your sunscreen.


you will learn about -

Bail in method

Wash in method


Drive in method


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PVC Slotted

PVC Wedge Wire

Stainless  Wedge Wire

Largest Slot

Lowest Capacity

Lower Price

Medium Slot

Highest Flow

Medium Cost

Most Popular

Finest Slot

Good flow

Highest Price

High Strength

Fittings For PVC Slotted

Fittings For PVC Wedge Wire

Fittings for SS wedge Wire

Discharge Threaded

BSP Female

Discharge Threaded

BSP Female

Discharge Threaded Cap 2" BSP Female

Discharge SWJ

Discharge SWJ

Discharge SWJ

Bottom Cap

Bottom Cap

Bottom Cap




Wash in valve

Wash in valve

Wash in valve

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