Stainless and PVC Wedge Wire Sand Spears and screens

Why do you want to use a wedge wire sand spear or screen?

Being made from wedge wire, it stops blockages as it allows the small particles of sand to go through and not get locked as in a slotted screen.

The SIS system is designed around using 2” standard pipe components, so that top and bottom ends and connections can be easily adapted to suit your drilling or installation method easily.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving, jetting, or bailing in, the ends and connections can be easily and quickly changed to suit your installation method.

Pvc slotted screens and mesh wrapped screens have a much lower opening area than a wedge wire sand spear.

This allows you to draw much more water through the screen for the same length.

Wedge wire sandspears and sand screens are more expensive than the other types, but the advantages of these types out way themselves for value specially when you consider all these advantages.

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