sandspears are called many names

A Sandspear can be known by many different names?

These are all the different names that a Sand spear can be called, the name that we use at is Sandspear or Sandspears, this is the spelling we use.

I realize that it is confusing, no matter what they are called, they all do the same thing.

The names came from all over the world and the different sectors that used them eg.

Household owner, Water well driller, Geologists, Mining,

They are installed by drilling a hole or jetted in and placed into a aquifer or body of water, the sandspear, keeps the sand out from entering into the screen by using fine slots or a wedge wire and allowing the water to enter and then pumped to the surface.

Most bores or installations range from 3m to at the most 9m.

Drive points,

Drive screen,

Drive spear Sand spears,

Lowering spear


Sand screens,






Sand spear

Sand Filter

Sand spear point

Spear point filters,

Spear points,

Wash down screen,

Water spear,

Water well screens,

Water well sand spear

Water well drive points,

Waterwell screen,



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