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New Sandspear

I was camping with my friends the other weekend, some of these are real campers, with all the devices that make camping easier and more pleasant like, electric fridges, camper vans and car top tents, solar panels, water tanks etc.

One of them mark had a gas hot water system, a number of people tried it as they didn’t want to wash in the cold freezing river like I did.

Those who chose to have a hot shower loved it, it was easy to get water as we were camping next to a beautiful fresh flowing river, No one had to use their fresh water supply, which is often limited to drinking only.

Noticing this and the smiles on their face after a nice hot shower, as we had been out motorbike riding and it was incredible dusty, as being summer, the roads and track had turned into bulldust, Having the sticking dust stuck in your hair and even your nose washed away, made them feel clean and alive again, as I said I jumped into the cold river. Which I did enjoy, a cold river is not for everyone!

This got me thinking as I have had a number of inquiries about installing a sandspear when camping near or on the beach, wanting fresh water. I realized that the $400 cost of one was prohibiting people to buy them, this is why I created a new sandspear, there was a need for a quality product at a lower cost to a full stainless steel wedge wire sandspear.

An answer was found, a stainless wedge wire sandspear with all the same features as strength, standard fitting, non-corrosive, maximum open area, and the least amount of sand that can past through to your pump.

The benefits of this new sandspear are –

You Save money

Standard Pvc fittings can be used, and the ends can be easily adapted to your needs.

Getting the most amount of water from your sandspear, giving you more water

By having little or no sand spear getting into your pump, saves you time and maintenance on your pump.

They are manufactured from stainless steel wedge wire screens, made to my specifications, fitted with Pvc standard 50mm Nb fittings that are connected on each end, by not having any stainless fittings welded, lowers the price for you.

If you’re into camping and are going onto a beach then, wouldn’t your family and friends be so thank full to have a nice shower after being in the sun all day with clean fresh water.

And even more decadent, having a hot shower.

If you’re not a camper and do not have a high budget for a full stainless steel sandspear that has the same features as the stainless-steel wedge wire screen, then this may be for you.

Once you have installed a sandspear in your yard you will never have to pay an excess water bill again, drought proof your garden and lawn that you have painstakingly built over many years, you don’t want to let that die and have to do it again.

Your garden is your asset, and the envy of many of your neighbor’s.

 Get free water now,

If you want to drought proof your garden, then you need to install a sandspear system.

The only other solution is to have a professional driller put one in at a cost of thousands of dollars.

Coming soon, look out for this.

sandspears are called many names

A Sandspear can be known by many different names?

These are all the different names that a Sand spear can be called, the name that we use at is Sandspear or Sandspears, this is the spelling we use.

I realize that it is confusing, no matter what they are called, they all do the same thing.

The names came from all over the world and the different sectors that used them eg.

Household owner, Water well driller, Geologists, Mining,

They are installed by drilling a hole or jetted in and placed into a aquifer or body of water, the sandspear, keeps the sand out from entering into the screen by using fine slots or a wedge wire and allowing the water to enter and then pumped to the surface.

Most bores or installations range from 3m to at the most 9m.

Drive points,

Drive screen,

Drive spear Sand spears,

Lowering spear


Sand screens,






Sand spear

Sand Filter

Sand spear point

Spear point filters,

Spear points,

Wash down screen,

Water spear,

Water well screens,

Water well sand spear

Water well drive points,

Waterwell screen,



Stainless and PVC Wedge Wire Sand Spears and screens

What is a Sand Spear

Sand Spears are a type of bore used in shallow (less than 6m depth) unconfined aquifers.

Shallow installations are usually used for delivering low quantities of water for watering a garden for example. Sand Spears come in both stainless steel V-wire or PVC. The design of the Stainless steel V- wire has some definite advantages over the PVC type for example:

  • V-wires have a non-clogging surface
  • They can cover a large open area
  • Have a low pressure drop
  • Are Hydraulic efficient
  • They have high flow rates
  • V-wire has mechanical strength
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It has a close slot tolerance
  • Has a lower entrance velocity
  • And they are used for better well development

For low-yield requirements a PVC sand spear may do the trick. It’s less expensive, non-corrosive, light weight and can easily be manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

For more information on the right Sand Spear for you, contact us

More on the Types of Sand Spears

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen

Stainless steel wedge wire screens are the most common installation for DIY sand spears due to their robust construction and ability to withstand the “wash in” installation method.  These spears can be constructed to just about any size aperture and flow based on your local ground conditions.  Our stock stainless steel spears are made of 304 SS and come with threaded BSP fittings on both ends.  These come with a 0.15mm aperture with a 5.7% to 9.7% open area providing 0.2 l/sec for a 600mm screen length.  These screens have a 52mm ID x 60mm OD 70mm over fittings.

PVC Wedge Wire

The PVC wedge wire screens offer similar flow rates to the stainless-steel screens above with the budget in mind.  While this material offers similar flow rates to the SS screens, we do not suggest installing these using the “wash in” method.  While these screens are not light weight in their construction, they simply don’t have the strength characteristics of steel.  We suggest these are suited to a drop in method where the bore has been predrilled or excavated and gently manipulated into the sand with a wash-in valve.

These screens can be built to suit any ground conditions.  Our stock screens are constructed with 0.25mm aperture with 7.7% open area providing 0.2L/s flow rate per 600mm screen length.

They come in 50mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm Nb

PVC Slotted Screen

These screens come in all sizes of pressure PVC sizes from 25mm to 375mm.  Virtually any slot size and % open can be achieved to accommodate your specific ground conditions.  Typical slot sizing for 50mm pn18 PVC is 0.4mm aperture with 10mm spacing providing a 2.4% open area and 0.3L/s flow rate (per 3m of screen).

This type of screen is more typically installed with a graded sand (8/16) filter pack that surrounds the screen and when installed in minimum 3m lengths.  However, if you are just trying to achieve a modest amount of water then these can be used similarly to the sand spears above at a fraction of the costs.  These screens are also more robust than the wedge wire PVC constructed screens and can be installed and removed several times before they become compromised.  Caution should be used, and care taken during wash in installation as they are still PVC and do not have the impact strength characteristics of steel.


A New Video Series on How to install a sandspear system

I have just finished putting together a series of videos that show you exactly how, to install a sand spear installation using the method of washing in the casing and then lowering your sand-spear and connecting your pump.

There are sixteen videos all under 5 minutes each, to show you exactly how the installation was done.

Unfortunately, video 16 is missing due to a technical hitch,

Don’t worry one will get made or, if you want this info then please contact me and I will help you immediately.

I hope this helps you in your sandspear installation.

here are the descriptions of the video below.

Part 1    Introduction                                  

Part 2    Description                                  

Part 3    Connection                       

Part 4    Barrel Union/ venturi                  

Part 5   Venturi pump & Auguring           

Part 6    Bore casing installation.            

Part 7    Tee Handle & Venturi                

Part 8     Venturi pump technique           

Part 9    Install bore                                 

Part 10 Well Casing                                 

Part 11 Pre-Cap Description                   

Part 12 Bottom Cap

Part 13 Sand spear Installation               

Part 14 Bore cap & tee barrel                  

Part 15 Pump Priming                             

Part 16 Pumping

If you are interested in getting these free descriptive videos, that are available this week, sign up on our home page and you will get access to these.                                  

2020 christmas

Happy New Year Sandspear Installers

I really hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and enjoy your New Year celebrations.

No matter how you celebrate it!

If you are like me, you will be looking for something to do very quickly, as I cannot sit around doing nothing for too long, I do not call that relaxing, a task in my hand is much more relaxing and enjoyable, and as the day or task finishes, a nice cold beer, that’s me.

That’s why Now is the right time to start your Sandspear Installation project.

There’s no need to worry about not being able to do it.

We have all the information you need, and we are only a phone call or email away to help you.

We designed the quick start exactly for that reason, to ensure that you know exactly what step to take.

Don’t hesitate, don’t be worried, we know you can do it with a little help from us.

Warmest regards

“Dig Deep, Dig Well”



Data Information for installing your Sandspear or Sandscreen

When you need data, sizes, calculators we have this on the web for you, all you have to do is sign up for the download and you are then immediately made a VIP member and given access to all our information.

The information that you will have at your fingertips will be –

Installation guide

12 things to help you report

What not to do

Calculators for-

Bags of sand needed

Annulus of your hole

Slotted Screen Open Area

Velocity Ratio Screen / pump

Wedge wire open area.

YouTube videos, PDF, and PowerPoint Presentations –

How sand screens work

Differences in the types of sandspears

Installation methods

Wash in or jetting

Bailing method

How to install a pump into a sandspear

Quick installation and overview guide

Developing tool and hand pump

FAQ all questions and answers

Drive in

Pvc wedge wire screens

Wedge wire sand spears and screens

Stainless and PVC Wedge Wire Sand Spears and screens

Why do you want to use a wedge wire sand spear or screen?

Being made from wedge wire, it stops blockages as it allows the small particles of sand to go through and not get locked as in a slotted screen.

The SIS system is designed around using 2” standard pipe components, so that top and bottom ends and connections can be easily adapted to suit your drilling or installation method easily.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving, jetting, or bailing in, the ends and connections can be easily and quickly changed to suit your installation method.

Pvc slotted screens and mesh wrapped screens have a much lower opening area than a wedge wire sand spear.

This allows you to draw much more water through the screen for the same length.

Wedge wire sandspears and sand screens are more expensive than the other types, but the advantages of these types out way themselves for value specially when you consider all these advantages.