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Answer- It is a device that is sunk into a sand aquifer below the water table, allowing water to be extracted and pumped to the surface. Installation is usually shallow, and the water is typically of low volume, not for irrigation, mainly used for watering gardens in a house block.

Answer – The spear point  has slots or an open aperture of approximately 0.25mm wide this is to stop any sand from coming into the spear or screen and allow clean water to enter the inside diameter, clean water can then be pumped up to where you need it.

Answer- Yes over the last 10 years we have had a large number of people who have purchased a Sandspear from us and installed us themselves. The majority of sales have been private purchases not by professional drillers and installers.

Check the rules, in most situations you can only drill to 3m or you then have to get a license and a licensed driller or Installer

Answer- Sand screens, spear points, piezometers, water spear, drive point, water screen, drive points, well screens, spear, sand blocker screens, and wash down screen


Answer- Sand spears come in sizes from 25mm 1” to 200mm diameter, and lengths from 300mm to 3000mm. The most common size is 50mm diameter by 600mm long with an open width of 0.25mm to let the water in.

Answer-   The ultimate sand screen is made from stainless wedge wire; the next level down is made from a PVC wedge wire screen extruded and the budget is made from UPVC pipe with fine slots cut into it. Other materials used are steel pipe and stainless mesh are used in the manufacturing of sand spears.

Answer- Every state has their own rules and regulations, even some parts in a state will have their own regional rules, places such as Fraser Island in Australia. Many states allow you to install a bore to a maximum of 3m before a bore license is needed and to be drilled by a licensed driller. So, before you start check your local water authority that control ground water licenses.

Q8- What sizes Sandspears are available?

Answer- The standard size Sandspear is 50nb this is has a diameter of 60mm

They do come in sizes from 25mm to 100mm NB dia.

Note: The maximum dia. Of a stock and bore water bore is 125nb upvc pipe (140mm)

Answer- There are three main types

1- Bail

2- Drive

3- Wash In

Answer- The stainless-steel wedge wire screen is the definitely one of the best, due to its construction method and using stainless, it is much stronger than PVC and will take more impact. Specially if you are using the drive-in method of installation, it also has a finer aperture, keeping more sand out of the bore and not getting through into your pump and piping systems.

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