A New Video Series on How to install a sandspear system

I have just finished putting together a series of videos that show you exactly how, to install a sand spear installation using the method of washing in the casing and then lowering your sand-spear and connecting your pump.

There are sixteen videos all under 5 minutes each, to show you exactly how the installation was done.

Unfortunately, video 16 is missing due to a technical hitch,

Don’t worry one will get made or, if you want this info then please contact me and I will help you immediately.

I hope this helps you in your sandspear installation.

here are the descriptions of the video below.

Part 1    Introduction                                  

Part 2    Description                                  

Part 3    Connection                       

Part 4    Barrel Union/ venturi                  

Part 5   Venturi pump & Auguring           

Part 6    Bore casing installation.            

Part 7    Tee Handle & Venturi                

Part 8     Venturi pump technique           

Part 9    Install bore                                 

Part 10 Well Casing                                 

Part 11 Pre-Cap Description                   

Part 12 Bottom Cap

Part 13 Sand spear Installation               

Part 14 Bore cap & tee barrel                  

Part 15 Pump Priming                             

Part 16 Pumping

If you are interested in getting these free descriptive videos, that are available this week, sign up on our home page and you will get access to these.                                  

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