Data Information for installing your Sandspear or Sandscreen

When you need data, sizes, calculators we have this on the web for you, all you have to do is sign up for the download and you are then immediately made a VIP member and given access to all our information.

The information that you will have at your fingertips will be –

Installation guide

12 things to help you report

What not to do

Calculators for-

Bags of sand needed

Annulus of your hole

Slotted Screen Open Area

Velocity Ratio Screen / pump

Wedge wire open area.

YouTube videos, PDF, and PowerPoint Presentations –

How sand screens work

Differences in the types of sandspears

Installation methods

Wash in or jetting

Bailing method

How to install a pump into a sandspear

Quick installation and overview guide

Developing tool and hand pump

FAQ all questions and answers

Drive in

Pvc wedge wire screens

Wedge wire sand spears and screens

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