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New Sandspear

I was camping with my friends the other weekend, some of these are real campers, with all the devices that make camping easier and more pleasant like, electric fridges, camper vans and car top tents, solar panels, water tanks etc.

One of them mark had a gas hot water system, a number of people tried it as they didn’t want to wash in the cold freezing river like I did.

Those who chose to have a hot shower loved it, it was easy to get water as we were camping next to a beautiful fresh flowing river, No one had to use their fresh water supply, which is often limited to drinking only.

Noticing this and the smiles on their face after a nice hot shower, as we had been out motorbike riding and it was incredible dusty, as being summer, the roads and track had turned into bulldust, Having the sticking dust stuck in your hair and even your nose washed away, made them feel clean and alive again, as I said I jumped into the cold river. Which I did enjoy, a cold river is not for everyone!

This got me thinking as I have had a number of inquiries about installing a sandspear when camping near or on the beach, wanting fresh water. I realized that the $400 cost of one was prohibiting people to buy them, this is why I created a new sandspear, there was a need for a quality product at a lower cost to a full stainless steel wedge wire sandspear.

An answer was found, a stainless wedge wire sandspear with all the same features as strength, standard fitting, non-corrosive, maximum open area, and the least amount of sand that can past through to your pump.

The benefits of this new sandspear are –

You Save money

Standard Pvc fittings can be used, and the ends can be easily adapted to your needs.

Getting the most amount of water from your sandspear, giving you more water

By having little or no sand spear getting into your pump, saves you time and maintenance on your pump.

They are manufactured from stainless steel wedge wire screens, made to my specifications, fitted with Pvc standard 50mm Nb fittings that are connected on each end, by not having any stainless fittings welded, lowers the price for you.

If you’re into camping and are going onto a beach then, wouldn’t your family and friends be so thank full to have a nice shower after being in the sun all day with clean fresh water.

And even more decadent, having a hot shower.

If you’re not a camper and do not have a high budget for a full stainless steel sandspear that has the same features as the stainless-steel wedge wire screen, then this may be for you.

Once you have installed a sandspear in your yard you will never have to pay an excess water bill again, drought proof your garden and lawn that you have painstakingly built over many years, you don’t want to let that die and have to do it again.

Your garden is your asset, and the envy of many of your neighbor’s.

 Get free water now,

If you want to drought proof your garden, then you need to install a sandspear system.

The only other solution is to have a professional driller put one in at a cost of thousands of dollars.

Coming soon, look out for this.

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